...when you're having sons!

Well, the evidence is here - my time for photography and general shooting has been somewhat limited over the past two years - that doesn't mean that I haven't picked up the camera at all - far from it! Simply, that the blogging and write ups of events and shoots has had to take a back seat to the hard work and dedication of raising a young family.

My last blog entry was as far back as 2014! 18 months!! Where has it gone? Well, looking back through my facebook page you can see that I've actually been rather busy! I've shot a number of weddings and events in that time and I'll share a few of my favourite images from those in a short while. In the mean time, some explanation...

With the arrival of our second son, Finley, we were over joyed to add to our family, a beautiful, healthy, 6 lb bundle of joy - you can probably find the first 'proper picture' of him, nestled in a ski helmet, earlier in this blog! (The post before, perhaps?!). A few months into his little life and everything wasn't as rosy as it could have been. Finley was admitted to hospital with suspected hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) and a bunch of other developmental issues that caused the doctors great concern. Turns out it wasn't hydrocephalus in the end, but there were abnormalities in his brain development, along with low muscle tone - hypotonia, a nystagmus/squint, and poor coordination etc. that meant he would be in and out of hospital, and prodded an poked from then until now. Much too-ing and fro-ing between hospitals, consultants, physios, neurologists and geneticists, and we're still not 100% sure about how he'll progress or turn out in the future - that's all still ongoing. The main thing is, is that he IS making progress - slow progress, but progress never the less, and more importantly, that he's a very happy, relaxed and fun little thing, with a cheeky side and determined attitude. With dedicated private physiotherapy, and help from some one to one care at his nursery, he's trying hard to move independently, and in the last few weeks, at the age of 30 months, made his first 'anger' motivated shuffles of a few cm at a time. His older brother, Oscar, has been brilliant - he's so patient and helpful with Finley and is turning into a fine young boy. We couldn't be more proud.


So that's where we are right now... Muddling along day by day with the demands of an eager to move, increasingly frustrated 30 month year old, and a wonderful 4 year old who we unintentionally have to spend less time with than we'd like. Will it ever end? Who knows, but my back certainly hopes so!! Thankfully, with the eager help of my Mum and Dad, Kely and I managed 2 nights away on our own for a mini break trip to Edinburgh recently! We took in the sights and indulged in one of our other passions - parkrun! The first break on our own in 4 years! Much needed, child free bliss!! You've no idea how much we needed that!


Updates on some 'actual photography' to follow! Martyn, Kelly, Oscar and Fin. x