Tweaked my facebook profile today, using the new style layout. I'd noticed that the new style page has a section of 5 photo's that the profile owner had recently been tagged in, under the brief bio info at the top of the page....  So, with a bit of photoshop and profile hackery, you can achieve a fantastic design that really sets you apart from the crowd:

facebook profile snapshot

Here's a quick How to:

Things you'll need: Your Facebook page, open full screen. A graphics package, such as Photoshop, or GIMP. A high res photo or image you want to use across your profile page.

  • Maximise your facebook page, whislt on your profile, and "print screen". (You'll need the new style layout for this design)
  • Open your graphics package and paste this screen print into a new image.

(Following instructions for photoshop:)

  • Select the "Slice Tool" (Available via the crop tool function - hold your mouse button down on the crop button and you'll get 3 tool options - choose the 2nd one down)
  • "Cut out" your main profile picture on the left, as well as each of the 5 "recently tagged" images underneath your name and bio info, to the left of this.

(Tip, you can make your main profile pic as long as you like... so you can get a better effect in your layout, not just the size of the existing pic... Keep the width the same)

  • Paste another image of your self, or your chosen subject as a new layer, and re-order the layers so that your facebook cut out is at the top.
  • Move/nudge/stretch your image underneath this one so that you get your desired effect in both the side image, and the 5 smaller images too. (I chose to put the left quarter of my face in my main profile pic, then my right eye, the bridge of my nose and left eye across the other 5 images... with some funcky vector graphics too!)
  • Once you're happy, Choose File> Save for Web & Devices.
  • Set the image presets on the right of this dialog to JPEG with a high quality (100)
  • Hit "Save".
  • Choose a save directory on your computer, give it a name and change the "Slices Option" to "All User Slices" (that will chop your output out into 6 images...)
  • Go back to Facebook, to your photos, and create a new album - upload the 6 images you've created in the step above. Set this album to be viawable by "Everyone", in the drop down box.
  • Save the album.
  • Go to the album and "tag" yourself in it, starting with the image you want to be displayed at the right hand side of the screen, first, working back across towards your main profile picture. DO NOT TAG YOURSELF IN THE MAIN PROFILE PIC! Instead, select this one an click use as profile pic (or navigate back to your profile and manually change the picture...)
  • Sit back and admire your work, as your friends visit with awe and wonder.

Tip: You'll have to keep an eye on who tags you - as newly tagged images will push your pretty tagged pics we've just created, to the right... Just hover over them and a little cross will appear - you can remove them from this "tag stream" on your profile. (Don't worry, you'll stay tagged and the images won't be deleted!)