Have you ever had a camera stolen? Or perhaps lost it, never to be seen again?  I have... and I'm about to try and track it down.

I came across a website while digesting my twitter feed yesterday, I read an intersting post linking to this page, and thought it a great idea to communicate my find to the rest of the world via my blog. 

An amazing new tool developed by a developer called Matt Burns.  He came up with the idea of using the EXIF details held within every image that's captured on a digital camera, extracting the camera serial number from it, before crawling the web to find matching information... It uses two website crawlers — firstly a standard one that uses Flickr’s API, with the second being aplugin for the browser, Google Chrome, silently running in the background scouring the serial numbers of images on any webpage viewed. These serial numbers and URLs are stored in a database. So, if you’d like to volunteer your browsing for the greater good, download the plug in for Chrome.

Here's a direct link to the website, for those of you that wish to give it a go...


I'm off to look for my old compact digital IXUS 450, that was stolen from the seat of my Lotus, when I mistakenly left it on the passenger seat with the roof off!  I'll let you know how I get on...!