I've had a few queries from people asking me how I produced my image for day 3; "If..." Now quite obviously, I've used a little bit of photoshop wizardy to remove my own head, and place it elsewhere in the image - well, at least I thought that was obvious - apparently not, to several of my twitter and facebook followers out there!

They've written to ask how I did it?!

That got me thinking, and reminded me of a website I strayed across while working on something completely different, a few days ago:


Slip a photo URL into the Analyzer (jpegs only i'm afraid), and like something that Spooks would employ, it sneaks off, does some analysis, and then highlights the possible areas of alteration within an image.

How does it work? Well it's certainly not magic, but simply the tool looks for decreases in the quality of a jpeg image that occurs every time it is saved. These areas are more than likely not visible to the human eye, but highlighted by this tool...

I find it interesting to look at images created by some of my favourite self portrait 'togs, to see just how many photo's, sections of photo's and edits they use to create some of their most spectacular imagery...

We all know, most image have been altered, enhanced and bits chopped and changed all of the time, Some of the tog's even do how-to's on their blogs explaining how they create the images in Photoshop, or Gimp, and this useful tool goes some way to helping you figure out just how...

Rosie Hardy's "the canadians have landed..." - Analysis results here. (I Love this shot!) - Hey, those guys, that plane and that foreground are all from different images! (Highlighted in white...)

Miss Aniela's "Flying Solo": Analysis results here - Those legs and that frame stick out an awful lot from the background image! So does that bow! ;-)

Hope the 'togs in question don't mind me usng them as examples!


Weirdly though... my "If..." image comes up as reasonably uniform... so maybe i do have the ability to take off my head, after all? ;-) Mwah hah ha ha hah!