Spent the last week at home without any upstairs lighting in the house...

Long story, but it comes down to getting the dining room re-plastered, and deciding to move the ceiling light to the actual center of the room (I mean, who puts a light not in the middle origianlly anyway, previous house owners?!). Anyway, it would seem that I 'broke' the lighting ring main, when poking the wires back through the hole in the ceiling, and until I could motivate myself last night to take up the carpet, move the bed, take up the floor boards, and re-wire the ceiling light, drill a hole in the lovely, freshly plastered ceiling, and put everything back.... We woud be living by the light of candles, torches and creeping about via the glow from the iPad... :-D

So... expect a few "in-the-dark" shots over the next week or two!

365 Shot 43