Not sure where the idea for this one came from - Came back from the gym, aching a lot, so thought a nice hot soak would do the trick. Pulled a muscle in my shoulder while decorating at the weekend, so thought this might be a way to ease the aches a little.

It's not as sharp as I'd have liked - the problem shooting in low light, with autofocus not working at all well - switched to manual, but it's difficult, when your hand are wet and you're trying not to drop the remote int he bath, plus, I had to do everything really, really slowly so that the bath didn't over flow! In the end, I enlisted the other half to help fire the shot. :-)

Half inspired by one of my recent flickr contact aqcuisitions: CrustyDolphin a.k.a. Charlotte Trotman - Noticed a few of her impressive 365 collection of images involved baths, although none as far as I can see, are similar to this. Thanks for the inspiration anyway, Charlotte. From looking at her flickr sets, it seems charlotte may be on her 3rd year of 365! Wow - that's some dedication! (Correct me if I'm wrong charlotte!?)

365 Shot 39