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clock July 3, 2012 23:20 by author Martyn

Received some fantastic service from, again this week - we decided to order some thank you cards for all of the wonderfully generous people who've given us gifts for our newborn son, Oscar. Surfing the net, and trying to find a print company who would produce a 'Thank You' card that suited us, we simply couldn't find something that stood out from the crowd...

For my photography, I've had a few sets of Moo MiniCards printed over the past couple of years, and it suddenly dawned on me that we could do a similar thing, as our thank you's...

Since Oscar had entered the world, any visitor, gift bearer or random friend that got a cuddle, had been snapped by the proud parents, with the majority uploaded to our social networking sites - we decided to utilise's prinfinity service - a different picture on every card... Fantastic - everybody who had been kind enough to give Oscar a gift, and had had a cuddle from the little man, would get their own, personal memento of the occasion...

Moo Rounded business cards front...

We opted for 'rounded edge' business cards, with a shot of the generous 'gift-bearer'/'cuddle-giver' on one side and an image I took of Oscar's tiny foot, and hospital bracelet, a few hours after he was born, on the reverse side:

Moo Rounded business cards back...


They'll be winging their way out to our friends and family over the next week or two! Here's how they turned out: Thanks Moo!

Moo Rounded business cards...

Moo Rounded business cards...

Moo Rounded business cards...

Ever had a Camera stolen?

clock April 28, 2011 15:36 by author Martyn

Have you ever had a camera stolen? Or perhaps lost it, never to be seen again?  I have... and I'm about to try and track it down.

I came across a website while digesting my twitter feed yesterday, I read an intersting post linking to this page, and thought it a great idea to communicate my find to the rest of the world via my blog. 

An amazing new tool developed by a developer called Matt Burns.  He came up with the idea of using the EXIF details held within every image that's captured on a digital camera, extracting the camera serial number from it, before crawling the web to find matching information... It uses two website crawlers — firstly a standard one that uses Flickr’s API, with the second being aplugin for the browser, Google Chrome, silently running in the background scouring the serial numbers of images on any webpage viewed. These serial numbers and URLs are stored in a database. So, if you’d like to volunteer your browsing for the greater good, download the plug in for Chrome.

Here's a direct link to the website, for those of you that wish to give it a go...

I'm off to look for my old compact digital IXUS 450, that was stolen from the seat of my Lotus, when I mistakenly left it on the passenger seat with the roof off!  I'll let you know how I get on...!


My best editing friend

clock March 18, 2011 14:58 by author Martyn

I was editing some more wedding shots late yesterday, and had a little some one come and make her self comfortable, while Iwas deep in the midst of Photoshop and Bridge...

What do you think?! Too much interest in photography, for a dog, or simply being needy as I was ignoring her for half an hour?! Snapped by the other half:


Srorm editing


Things I've learnt today: "PHOBAR"

clock December 16, 2010 07:45 by author Martyn

Things I've learnt today: PHOBAR

Thankfully, no images of this sort in my portfolio, ;-) Although it has just given me an idea for a 365!

PHOBAR -adjective, Acronym for "PHOtoshopped Beyond All Recognition." A play on the the more popular acronym FUBAR: "F'd Up Beyond All Recognition,"
PHOBAR refers to an image, usually a photo of a person, that has been retouched and airbrushed with digital image manipulation software on a computer so significantly, that the person in the photo is barely recognizable.

"Of course she looks perfect in that photo, she was PHOBAR."

Reminds me of the lyrics from the Gun’s n’ Roses song, Mr. Brownstone:

I used ta do a little but a little wouldn't do
So the little got more and more
I just keep tryin' ta get a little better
Said the little better than before


Shameless Self Marketing Strategy

clock December 6, 2010 07:35 by author Martyn

Hit upon a lovely, cheeky little idea which rendered around 500 new hits on my website yesterday, for just 10 minutes of fun.

I was in The Trafford Centre in Manchester, in a famous Fruit logo'd technological retailer, who have a lovely store that lets you test drive their latest, sleek, technological wizardry...

To kill ten minutes, while my other half was shopping, I thought I'd see how my website,, displayed on the various different browser and screen resolutions that were available, as I'd noticed that on a couple of portable devices (namely the iPod Touch, and the Dell Streak), my galleries sometimes failed to load correctly (HTML 5 bug with the browsers on them I think :-D If anybody else has noticed this - would you be so kind as to email me and let me know?! ).

After viewing my site on a stunning 17" piece of "art" (Dear Santa...), I decided to leave my website up and running at it's front page, take a sidestep to the next machine and see what the next person who was to look at it did... 

Result - they browsed my blog and my galleries for a couple of minutes, before seemingly logging in to facebook and forwarding on a link to one of my posts to a friend... That's when my cheeky idea hit me: using stealth, cunning and ninja-like subtelty, move from laptop to laptop, device to device loading up the browser, and setting my website to load up on the browser, with the possibility of a quick edit to the browser preferences to set it as the homepage! Everytime somebody loads the browser, It's take them to my latest stunning image gallery! :-P

Checked my stats this morning, using my chosen web stat product StatCounter, and after cheekily opening my site on just a few devices, I had gained over 500 fresh hits to my page by 8 a.m. this morning... all originating from an ISP related to the retailer I was in!!

So, next time my wife wants to go shopping, I'll spend 15 mins in a shop like this, and get myself some free exposure!

Think about it - only 5 devices 'tinkered' with, at about 5pm, only an hours shopping time left... 500 hits! That's 500 extra pairs of eyes seeing my work & website, for just 10 minutes of my time. Think of the possibilities if I managed to do 40, just after the store opened, on a busy Saturday morning?! That'd be 4000 instant hits in a day!! Clever marketting strategy if you ask me!

I think I'll enjoy shopping with the other half now, knowing i can be vaguely productive while I'm whiling away a few mins!

What do you think? Is that too cheeky?! One step too far?!

Now, where's that store finder app... Might have to do a tour of my local stores! ;-)


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