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It's been a while...

clock October 9, 2014 12:23 by author Martyn

...since my last blog update - Life just seems to be getting in the way a little at the moment!

Following the birth of Finley, my 2nd little boy, we've lead a pretty hectic life - balancing work and family time is always a challenge, and my photography has had to take a little bit of a back seat for a few months. (Well, 2 kids and an engine conversion to the "green machine"!)

In the mean time, while the 5D Mk2 has taken extended periods of rest, I've always had my iPhone with me - always accessible, quick to use, and quite honestly, produces great quality images - even the available editing apps that I've downloaded are fast and simple, and can produce some great results instantaneously.

Those of you who follow me on social media, might have seen a few of them over the past months.  Instagram has become a favourite for capturing the growing moments of my family, along with regular pictures on Facebook too.

Having had lots of time off from the 5D, I downloaded a bunch of images that had been shot over the last few months.  Onto the Macbook, and into iPhoto, they immediately become available, via my photostream, on my iPhone too!  So, when I have a spare five minutes and I'm a way from my Macbook, I choose to edit  the odd shot on the iPhone - here are a few of the boys from the last week or two:


Dreaming of Winter Olympic Gold

clock December 30, 2013 18:01 by author Martyn
Dreaming of Winter Olympic Gold by Martyn Lewis on

So here he is - the reason my photographic exploits have been so quiet of late! The obligatory shot of Finley entwined in some of my old ski racing equipment - it follows the shot of Oscar I did as a newborn, ensconced in my old race ski boot (See further back in my timeline, April 2012... )

Well, it would be rude not to, wouldn't it?!

The title for this one? "Dreaming of Winter Olympic Victory." (...check out his right hand! V for victory!)

I'm dedicating this one to our British Winter Olympic Competitors: Good Luck at Sochi 2014! - Thanks for the Thank you's!

clock July 3, 2012 23:20 by author Martyn

Received some fantastic service from, again this week - we decided to order some thank you cards for all of the wonderfully generous people who've given us gifts for our newborn son, Oscar. Surfing the net, and trying to find a print company who would produce a 'Thank You' card that suited us, we simply couldn't find something that stood out from the crowd...

For my photography, I've had a few sets of Moo MiniCards printed over the past couple of years, and it suddenly dawned on me that we could do a similar thing, as our thank you's...

Since Oscar had entered the world, any visitor, gift bearer or random friend that got a cuddle, had been snapped by the proud parents, with the majority uploaded to our social networking sites - we decided to utilise's prinfinity service - a different picture on every card... Fantastic - everybody who had been kind enough to give Oscar a gift, and had had a cuddle from the little man, would get their own, personal memento of the occasion...

Moo Rounded business cards front...

We opted for 'rounded edge' business cards, with a shot of the generous 'gift-bearer'/'cuddle-giver' on one side and an image I took of Oscar's tiny foot, and hospital bracelet, a few hours after he was born, on the reverse side:

Moo Rounded business cards back...


They'll be winging their way out to our friends and family over the next week or two! Here's how they turned out: Thanks Moo!

Moo Rounded business cards...

Moo Rounded business cards...

Moo Rounded business cards...

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