On the 2nd of February, my wife Kelly, 10 month old son Oscar and I had the pleasure of meeting up with photographer Rosie Hardy, for a mini photoshoot.

Rosie is regarded as one of the brightest young UK photographic talents - her ever growing client list already includes the US band Maroon 5, Samsung (UK), Immersion Creative and Canon Camera Buzz (UK), with magazine features in Elle (SA), Amateur Photographer, The Telegraph, Sun and Metro (UK). Recent output from Rosie includes shooting the "I'm A Celebrity" and ex-Coronation Street star, Helen Flanagan; producing the stunning "Swan Lake". She also photographed X-Factor finalist, Janet Devlin for her website and upcoming album to be released in the very near future!

Janet Devlin, by Rosie Hardy.

Swan Lake, by Rosie Hardy.

Maroon 5: "Hands All Over" album artwork,

by Rosie Hardy.


Rosie became infamous during her 365 project back in 2008/9. She inspired many photographers to step in front of the lens, including myself.  Along with Natalie Dybisz aka "Miss Aniela" she provided inspiration for one or two of my own self portraits...

7/365 - I Did it!, by Rosie Hardy.

Supermart, by Martyn Lewis.


Her global following and photographic appeal is undeniable. Coupled with the success of her portrait and wedding photography Rosie also has a huge social media following, via flickrtwitter, facebook and her blog

Recently, Kelly visited a popular commercial studio in Manchester that specialises in 'Makeovers' and 'Photoshoots' - the target audience being young ladies who've never been in front of the camera before.  She was recommended by a friend and contacted via the studio with an unbelievably cheap offer of a makeover and shoot.  I couldn't believe how a viable business could charge such low prices (£10!?), and still be turning a profit, so I went along on the day to feed my curiosity regarding their business model.  It all became apparent after the shoot, with the reveal of the photo package prices... That's where the profit comes from.  In the pressured environment of the image preview session, we ended up buying 3 images, for a not inconsequential ammount of money, albeit significantly cheaper than the initial offer. We walked away feeling a little bit deflated at the experience.  Closer inspection of the images on my Mac, showed the quick and dirty image processing, and a lack of attention to detail that you can expect from a 'proper' professional shoot. On the plus side, Kelly got a half decent makeover, and we shot our own high quality shots in the 'home studio' that afternoon. We ended up with some beautiful images of her and Oscar, but we were still lacking some really nice family shots  that included me! I'm always behind the lens!

When I read that Rosie was offering her time for a series of fundraising mini shoots, Kelly and I jumped at the chance!  We had a wonderful morning and ended up with some simply stunning images to savour forever. I can highly recommend Rosie to anybody!  It's not often you get to have your own 'famous photographer' for a shoot!  

Upon recieving the images, we were filled with what can only be described as a "warm fuzzy feeling" - the images are beautiful: I think I fell a little bit more in love with Kelly, right there and then.