Things I've learnt today: PHOBAR

Thankfully, no images of this sort in my portfolio, ;-) Although it has just given me an idea for a 365!

PHOBAR -adjective, Acronym for "PHOtoshopped Beyond All Recognition." A play on the the more popular acronym FUBAR: "F'd Up Beyond All Recognition,"
PHOBAR refers to an image, usually a photo of a person, that has been retouched and airbrushed with digital image manipulation software on a computer so significantly, that the person in the photo is barely recognizable.

"Of course she looks perfect in that photo, she was PHOBAR."

Reminds me of the lyrics from the Gun’s n’ Roses song, Mr. Brownstone:

I used ta do a little but a little wouldn't do
So the little got more and more
I just keep tryin' ta get a little better
Said the little better than before