I've been fortunate once again, to have one of my automotive shots chosen as the "Picture of the Month", over on TheLotusForums.com.

This will be my third successful PoTM with TLF, with the image being offered for download as the monthly desktop wallpaper for all TLF's members to use, in a variety of resolutions.

Previous winners of mine include September 2011's 'Bug's Eye View' of Andy Swifts wonderful series one Lotus Exige, and also a dynamic shot of a Lotus Elan, at Brands Hatch, making it as August 2012's chosen image.  I'm in good company too it seems - other selected images include offerings from noted photgraphers such as EVO Magazine's, Dean Smith with his mid-flight Exige V6 shot. Andrew Whyte with a shot of a 'light painted' Evora, and Nick Williams with a shot of Pinkie's infamous beautiful matt black 2010 Lotus Exige.

2048 x 1536 (Tablet, iPad size)       2048 X 1536 (Tablet, iPad etc)   Pristine Elan Wallpaper

The Lotus forums is an excellent resource for all things Lotus related, with a wealth of news and information within, along with a bustling forum community with a global reach.

Here's to many more PoTM's! I've a feeling an upcoming shoot with a new Lotus V6 Exige, might just end up being a contender! Cool