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365 Day 56: Baubles.

clock December 26, 2010 00:26 by author Martyn

Just reflecting on what Santa brought me. 


365 Shot 56

My 365 Workflow Process...

clock December 23, 2010 08:01 by author Martyn

I thought I'd let people know about my workflow process for my shots as part of my 365 project.

I've built up quite a library of pics for the future already, and I've got a whole bunch of images in the pipeline for the coming 313 days!

The thing that's most time consuming about a 365 Project, is the time it takes to get each shot, get them off the camera onto my laptop, edit them, if needed, then post them to my blog. There's even more involvement than that really - I've also got to resize them and optimise them for the web, upload them via ftp to my webserver/host, upload them to flickr, add descriptions to each days image there, (plus making them public or private, based on what day it is - don't want all my flickr followers seeing my next few weeks worth of 365 images do we?!) and also write the associated blog post for that particular day too. 

Recently, I invested in an Eye-Fi card - I can't describe how helpful this has been in cutting the time it takes to get images from camera to laptop... By the time I'm finished shooting, the pics are already at my laptop awaiting review and editting.. Here'e how I work:

  • Shoot am image...
  • Return to laptop...
  • Edit in photoshop until I'm happy with it...
  • Save original, High res file and archive to external hard disk...
  • Reduce size to 750 x 750 & "sharpen for web"...
  • FTP the image to my webserver...
  • Upload it to my Flickr photostream...
  • Write my post on my blog using a standard template: Bit of text & image with link to flickr Set...
  • Finish Flickr description & make public / priovate depending on release date.

Shortcuts I've made to speed up the process:

  • Actions in photoshop to speed up my workflow - i.e, Saving the High res version, doing the resize, sharpen and save with one click...
  • Template text for blog posts including pre-defined image and href tags - all i need to do is increment the image number
  • Template for Flickr tect description, so that i can just copy and paste it in...
  • Tags & Categories for both flickr and my blog pre-defined so that i don;t need to tyoe them out each time...

That's about it...

(One feature I don;t use with my Eye-Fi card, just at the moment, is the automatic FTP upload - in effect, if i was happy with a shot, I could upload it directly to my webhost and have it sitting ready for me in my images directory...)

365 Day 53: Weighed In.

clock December 23, 2010 08:00 by author Martyn

Post "1 day sickness bug" weigh in... Half a stone lighter than yesterday! :-S


365 Shot 53

365 Day 52: Illness

clock December 22, 2010 23:15 by author Martyn

Been ill today... Sorry for such a late update - Came home from work and I've spent the last few hours alternating between the bed and the bathroom. Wifelet's being a great nurse for a change though - and I'm being well looked after by the dog too! Kel shot this one of me and Storm, just a few minutes ago:


365 Shot 52

(More of the dog, than me... Who do you think she loves more?! ;-))

365 Day 51: Thumbs up

clock December 21, 2010 07:59 by author Martyn

50 days of shots so far - feeling quite pleased ith myself fo rsticking at it this long. Got a feeling that a few of the shots over Christmas may get missed - it's just such a busy time of year! Regardless, I'll endeavour to put them up as and when i can - I'll have a full compliment of days, just maybe not released on the correct dates!!

Here's to days: it's a thumbs up, so far, from me:

365 Shot 51

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