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365 Day 67: One from the pub

clock January 6, 2011 07:01 by author Martyn

Actually shot a while ago now - by my other half - up at a pub in Marsden, West Yorks. Was flicking through my older shots and decided that this one was worth including in my 365. Not strictly a "self" portrait, but a portrait never the less. :-) Thanks Kel!

Can't decide which one of 2 that I prefer... Either the original, SOOC sghot in colour, or my edit, in Black and white, with a bit of background burning... What do you think? SIde by side, and large sizes below...

365 Shot 67 in colour 365 Shot 67 black and white

365 Shot 67 in colour

365 Shot 67 black and white

365 Day 66: Contact.

clock January 5, 2011 07:59 by author Martyn

The Morning routine. First job: Get some vision! Couldn't function without my contact lenses...

365 Shot 66

365 Day 65: Just Me...

clock January 4, 2011 21:15 by author Martyn

...and my trusty camera. The GX20 has served me well over the last couple of years, but it's soon to be replaced! The piggy bank is almost full! Can't wait...

365 Shot 65

365 Day 64: From Above.

clock January 3, 2011 00:00 by author Martyn

The exact opposite of yesterdays post! Thought it was worth a shot!


365 Shot 64

365 Day 63: From Underneath.

clock January 2, 2011 00:00 by author Martyn

A tricky one to shoot - had the glass scales from the bathroom stradling 2 piles of photography magazines, with the camera underneath. Had a couple of scary moments when they slipped apart and I feared the camera was about to be crushed, but I managed to jump off just in the nick of time!

Might have to re-shoo this one sometime: Needs more light! (...and a more stable glass surface to walk on!!)


365 Shot 63

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